Travel by a very fast form of transport that uses
special technology or special mental powers
Teleport Lab is the place where groundbreaking technologies get the right implementations
We are reinventing transportation of tomorrow.
Focus areas
Mobility, transportation, autonomy and robotics.
Discover, test and scale ultimate transportation solutions paving the way we move from A to Z.
At the intersection of coroporations, government institutions and technology startups.
From the first step of a newborn to the steps of humanity in space exploration.

On average, every human spends 3 to 8 years of her lifetime travelling somewhere.

And now this trllion dollar industry is on the brink of greatest transformation since the wheel invention.
Corporations will own the next horizon of innovations.

Our role is to help a company achieve its business goals through innovation practices.

Deep industry focus helps us bring abundance of experience as entrepreneurs and technology experts to companies operating in the transportation area.
We transform corporations using right tools:
Scouting and PoC
Deep customized research and data-driven scoring for the perfect match to a business request. Our team with industry experience supports PoC development.
Digital Laboratory
An innovation unit designed to launch spin-offs, to boost existing revenue streams and to develop strategic planning. A cross-functional team combines knowledge, experience and methodology to invent, prototype and implement product solutions.
We help corporates define a unique CVC strategy and execute it – set up an evergreen fund, form and manage product portfolio. Leveraging its profound industry experience, our team partakes in startup operations ensuring their constant growth.
We work with technology startups in the transportation sector from the prototype stage onward.

Our goal is to raise company value executing as a company business development unit.

It is all about a special technology and a unique mentality.
What is yours?
We will help you achieve the following goals:
Any technology needs its proper application. It requires constant hypothesis testing about the industry, the market and the product features. Scale if succeeded, repeat testing if failed.
Scale your solutions to new customers, new industries and new countries. Go global with our experienced dedicated teams in Germany, China and Russia.
Work with our financial partners on the startup needs – from business angels to CVC and private equity funds. We also closely work with government funding bodies to execute complex projects.
Growth is the king. We will bring any necessary ingredients – industry expertise, customers, marketing, funding – to achieve company goals.
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